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Who We Are

Circles of Salam is an Award-Winning non-profit multi-cultural peace education organisation established by peace educators and graduates of the peace studies department at the University of Bradford.
It was awarded a 2019 Duke of York Young Entrepreneurship Award.

Our Mission is to inspire and empower young people, women, parents, vulnerable communities, educators, and activists with change-making and peacemaking skills to act and positively change themselves, families, communities and the world.

Our Vision is to become a leading model organisation for utilising multicultural and peace education to achieve harmonious and peaceful co-existence in British Society.

Child Soldier (Banksy) – Los Angeles, USA

What We Do


Diploma in Peace Studies of the Muslim World

A series of interactive courses provide a critical understanding of the inter-relationships of history, culture, politics, arts, and religions in the Muslim World. Students would explore Muslim societies through the lens of peace studies, which is an interdisciplinary field aiming at the critical understanding of peace and conflict.


Young SalamMakers


An Islamic peace education programme for young Muslims. 

The programme promotes Islam as a source of Empathy, Courage and Power for Change and Peace based on the Quran and Sunnah.


Young PeaceMakers


An interactive peace education programme for young people (8-15 Years old), aiming to inspire and empower them with change-making and peacemaking skills to act and change themselves, families, communities, and the world.


— Circles of Peace

– Outreach Peace Education Workshops at your School, or at our Venue at the Univeristy of Bradford



Circles of Salam

Outreach Islamic Peace Education Workshops at your School, Madrassa or at our Venue.


Circles of Courage

Series of lectures, storytelling, and conversations creating brave spaces to critically explore peace and conflict transformation issues in our community and world.


Circles of Wisdom

Training for educators, youth workers, & parents to promote change-making behaviour among young people.


Circles of Arabic

Interactive Online Modern Standard Arabic Language Courses to support Arabic language learners in the UK and Europe. 

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